Capitalism is broken—too many people have been left out. We’re working towards a vision of sustainable, equitable economies that work for all.

The Goal

The Economy We Want

At Common Future, we imagine a future where people, no matter their race or ethnicity have power, choice, and ownership over the economy. Founded in 2001, we know that the ideas, models, and solutions that can restore community wealth already exist, they just require attention and investment. We believe our future is a shared financial, social, environmental contract, one we want to build together.

Tackling Wealth Inequality

We believe your race, gender, class, or zip code shouldn’t determine your economic future. To close the wealth gap, we must address the structural oppression that leaves many communities out.

Shifting Capital

We’ve already shifted $250M towards community investment. What would it look like if we channeled $1B—or $100B—of untapped capital into building equitable economies?

Our Role

As an intermediary, we embrace our role as a:

Platform for Leaders
Capital icon
Organizer of Capital
Mainstream Influence
Trusted Advisor
Our Principles


Communities should have the power to own, transform, and create wealth in local economies that best serve their interests.

Race Explicit

Economic equity will be achieved when we talk explicitly about race and the wealth gap.


We must advocate for the economy we want, not only against the economy we have.

Amplifying Voices

It is important to celebrate and lift up ideas, solutions and diverse voices that aren’t heard.

Shifting the Narrative

We must lift up local perspectives to increase the possibility that they will thrive in the national mainstream.