What We Need to Advance Economic Equity, One Year Into COVID-19

  • Opinion

Mar 26, 2021 Common Future

Our staff members weigh in on what the economy needs now (from funders to policymakers), one year into the pandemic.

he COVID-19 pandemic brought big lessons and big losses early on in the shutdown and have continued to a year in for individuals, families, communities, and businesses. In this unique year, we’ve learned how to shift our work to be more responsive to local economic leaders who are often operating on small margins or working to address the small margins of their communities.

In our work at Common Future, we are ideally positioned to see where opportunities lie to improve on the economy as a whole, and to engage the right leaders for what’s needed most. In the past year, we deployed our first grants to organizations in our network to support them at the start of the shutdown; during the Movement for Black Lives, we deployed grants to Black-led and Black-run organizations in our network that support and invest in Black communities impacted by economic injustice; and last month, we introduced our approach to policy through our Bold Ideas Project, where we asked, how do we build an equitable post-COVID economy?

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