What We Learned From Global Leaders about Building a Better Economy in the Midst of a Pandemic

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Apr 30, 2021 Common Future

The good news (and hard truths) we gathered from the Skoll World Forum this year.

or the third year in a row, the Common Future team was invited to host and participate in panels on creating an inclusive economy for the Skoll Foundation’s Skoll World Forum. This year’s Forum theme was “Closing the Distance,” which centered around addressing local and global divides and solutions to those divides.

The pandemic, the murder of George Floyd, followed by the Movement for Black Lives, has shifted mindsets on racial and economic justice for many across the globe. We designed and participated in panels with community leaders who are responding in action to address issues at the intersection of racial injustice, economic extraction, and long-term community wealth building. Specifically, both panels that Common Future leaders and team members were involved in at the 2021 Skoll World Forum challenged wealth and power holders to find new ways to support individuals and movements that are working to address these issues.

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