The Siege on the U.S. Capitol Was White Supremacy in Action

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Jan 8, 2021 Common Future

We denounce the violent attack on the U.S. Capitol building and law enforcement’s response to it. It incensed us, as it was not only an insurgency against our democratic process but a clear demonstration of white supremacy in action.

We’ve collectively and individually experienced unprecedented moments ad nauseam over the past year: a pandemic, economic crisis, police brutality against Black and Brown lives, the fascist emergence of our body politic, and a coordinated attack on our democratic institutions.

In this context, the importance of building a more inclusive and equitable economy becomes even more urgent.

This past year — actually, our entire history as a country — demonstrates the importance for communities of color and economically marginalized communities to have economic power and infrastructure and capital that is theirs to control.

In this shift, we can stop the practices and policies that deepen inequity and leave our communities and our nation vulnerable.

We’re reminded of the tireless efforts of leaders and organizations in the Common Future network and those like them who fight to better the lives of people in their communities. Moments like this demand that we all center and support these leaders, not just with words but with action, with money, with policy, with connections. Their work is important and we should strive to make it easier for them to do profound and extraordinary things.

The events of this week were destabilizing for many of us. It’s okay to continue to process and reflect. And, you should draw strength and hope from our collective work, and as ever, the efforts of the Common Future network.

In Love and Power.

—The Common Future team


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