How We’re Making Sure Economic Policy Solutions Are More Inclusive, By Design

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Feb 26, 2021 Lauren Paul

What might it look like if community leaders co-developed the economic policies that impacted their work?

or two decades, Common Future has been identifying, resourcing, and developing economic innovations alongside a network of 200+ community leaders who are pioneering transformative work around access to capital and the ownership of assets. These solutions include things like building more inclusive pathways to direct seed funding to Black and Brown entrepreneurs, leveraging revenue-based financing models for sustainable food and farm entrepreneurs via community-centered lending institutions, and facilitating the transfer of ownership from retiring business owners to employees of color.

At Common Future, we work with incredible partners, across sectors, who see the value of this work and understand that equitable economic development must be one of our nation’s foremost priorities, and the Common Future network has viable solutions. We’ve been thrilled to receive recognition from some of our nation’s best recognized funders and investors, including the Hewlett Foundation,, the Skoll Foundation, and the Kauffman Foundation. Our work has been referenced in Forbesthe Boston Review, and Protocol. Still, we know that without more supportive economic policies, these brilliant economic solutions will never achieve their full impact potential.

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