Exciting News: Uncharted is Joining Forces with Common Future!

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May 5, 2022 Common Future

Since 2001, we’ve been on a mission to build economic power and wealth in communities most adversely impacted by racial and economic injustice. This includes incubating and funding innovative ideas that build local power and wealth in marginalized communities. And today we’re thrilled to share the next chapter in Common Future’s story, and the next big bet we’re making: we and Uncharted—a Denver-based social impact accelerator—are combining, with Uncharted merging into Common Future.

Uncharted brings the talent, knowledge, and expertise to accelerate the work of community-led ventures dedicated to economic justice. To date, Common Future has shifted $280 million toward community investment across the United States, and Uncharted has worked with 200+ social impact startups and helped them raise over $390 million. With this merger, there will be more capacity to support and uplift inclusive economic innovations.

As Common Future’s CEO, Rodney, explains, “We are constantly learning, adapting, and evolving to become the best version of Common Future, to be even more equipped to meet our mission and vision of building economic power in BIPOC, rural, immigrant and working class communities. This merger with Uncharted reflects the kind of bold, courageous thinking that is shared by both Common Future and Uncharted. The similarities between our culture and mission made this a clear decision for the leadership of both organizations.”

We couldn’t be more excited about what this merger makes possible for both our organizations: we’re blending our two teams and our work so we can make bigger strides together than we could on our own to help create a future where everyone in the United States has equitable access to the resources, tools, and opportunities they need to thrive. Common Future and Uncharted share deep mission-alignment and a commitment to racial and economic justice. Shared culture and values also underscored the merger, including a four day work week, equitable benefits for employees, and a desire to reimagine the future of work. 

“This merger required us to consider what might be possible if we dared to imagine, and then if we dared to actually do it,” says  Banks Benitez, Uncharted’s departing CEO. “We believed that a combined entity would be greater than the sum of its parts; that we would go further together. I am inspired when I think that this is just the beginning.”

So what’s next? Rodney will still be our CEO. Uncharted’s board of directors will dissolve and the existing Common Future board will serve as the governing body of the combined organizations. 

And the new team will  be hard at work rebuilding our economy together as Common Future. One of the hardest things for us about sharing this news is that we can’t reach out to each of you individually or have some big event where we get everyone together to celebrate. Rest assured we’ll keep you updated with all the exciting things we have in store. Until then, thank you for your continued support.

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