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Policy & Impact

Policy Incubator

Building a more collaborative (and representative) think and do tank with community-minded, equity-centered leaders.

In the Summer of 2022, Common Future launched a policy incubator—an open and collaborative think and do tank—modeling a new way of working and resourcing game-changing economic policy ideas.

Major banks, asset management firms, and related think tanks define national economic growth strategies. These groups aren’t incentivized to prioritize what matters to most people: inclusive growth fair markets, and economic security for individuals and families. Leaders in power listen to those who wield it: the well-funded, the well-connected, and every once in a while, the well-organized.

We need new, representative leadership to take us forward.

The Policy Incubator identifies four action-oriented, community-minded, and equity-centered leaders with a vision for change. These entrepreneurs each design 12-month action plans for their economic policy ideas at local, state, or federal levels. We fund, connect, and incubate the work of these seasoned leaders with bold ideas to significantly transform economic policy.

The Common Future Policy Entrepreneurs.

Trusted Advisors

Joe Dougherty

Partner at Dalberg.

Tammy Halevy

Senior Advisor at Public Private Strategies.

Justin Kang

General Partner at Visible Hands.

Carolyn Pincus

VP of Strategy and Development at the American Sustainable Business Network.

Laura Tomasko

Policy Program Manager in the Center on Nonprofits and Philanthropy at the Urban Institute.