Oscar Rodriguez Cruz

Revenue Specialist

About Oscar

Oscar Rodriguez Cruz (pronouns: they/them, he/him) is a Revenue Specialist at Common Future. As an organizer of capital and revenue generation, Oscar is passionate about the well-being of intentionally undervalued communities, particularly communities with people of Black, Latinx, and/or Queer experience. Oscar radically imagines a future where communities are equipped with the resources and means to live beyond survival to thriving. Before joining Common Future, Oscar worked as a development fellow and then full-time development associate at Organizing Black, a grassroots organization based in Baltimore. 

Oscar was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico and grew up in the Hudson Valley in a village located at Ellenville, NY. Proud of their Puerto Rican and Dominican roots, Oscar passionately works towards a future where all people from the islands can live in economic prosperity aimed at realizing community and individual well-being. Oscar is a graduate of CUNY Hunter College holding a B.A. in Philosophy in Manhattan, NY and a M.A. in Philosophy from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD. In their spare time, Oscar enjoys creating in various mediums of art, including music production, drawing, viewing art, and listening to music.