Lauren Paul

Director of Partnerships & Policy

About Lauren

As Director of Partnerships and Policy at Common Future, Lauren brings together diverse stakeholders around a vision of a more equitable and sustainable economy. She works across sectors to identify and champion those solutions that have the potential to have systems-level impacts on our economy. Previously, as Chief of Staff at Common Future, Lauren had the privilege of working with executives in philanthropy, impact investing, and the social sector, as she supported the growth of Common Future as an enterprise. Now, Lauren is building a new body of work at Common Future, aimed at deepening our collaborative capacities and developing transformative policies to create the economy we need.

Lauren is always searching for new opportunities for collaboration, facilitating relationship-building between internal and external players. Through leading partnerships and policy, she connects leaders, advises on the development of equitable policies, and identifies promising areas for collective growth and development across organizations and sectors.

With a background in small business development, nonprofit enterprise development, and community organizing, her career has been centered around addressing the root causes of systemic inequities. Lauren is grateful for her degree in Peace and Justice from Tufts University for teaching her how to think deeply and honestly about the social sector and to identify promising opportunities for impact.