Lauren Paul

Chief of Staff

About Lauren

As Chief of Staff at Common Future, Lauren stewards and drives forward organizational strategy to re-imagine a more equitable and sustainable economy. Lauren is keenly aware of the missed opportunities within our current economic system, and she works tirelessly to uplift the brilliance of our leaders and advocate for the mutualism inherent in a healthy economic system.

Lauren’s role is to support the CEO in incubating new bodies of work, testing ideas, and facilitating relationship-building between internal and external players, all with the greater aim of influencing the landscape of community development and driving investment in promising economic solutions. 

Lauren has a background in small business development, non-profit enterprise development, and community organizing. While Lauren is passionate about many topics and has experience in a range of fields (including the criminal justice sector and the healthcare sector), Lauren’s career has been focused on addressing the root causes of systemic inequities.

Lauren has rich research experience, including work evaluating alternative economies in Chile. Lauren is grateful for her degree in Peace and Justice from Tufts University for teaching her how to think deeply and honestly about the social sector and identify promising opportunities for impact.