Lauren Paul

Chief of Staff

About Lauren

Lauren is a community-enthusiast, grounded by the reciprocal and nourishing relationships in her life. She thrives when she is working with and for the power of the collective. Lauren has an open heart and an open mind, soaking in positivity around her and leveraging collective energy to fuel her work. Lauren works tirelessly to bring her vision of a sustainable and just society into focus.

Through compassion and endless curiosity, Lauren inspires and creates. Her inquisitive nature has led her to develop rich research experience in fields ranging from hygienic menstruation in India (SIT) to alternative economies in Chile (UPLA University).

Lauren is action-oriented and has been involved in dozens of causes, from criminal justice reform to voting rights. She’s practiced motivational interviewing when coaching Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, deep listening at a peer mental health support hotline, and patience while leading youth classes on health, self-confidence and decision-making. She seeks adventure, consistently exposing herself to new places and new ideas. Prior to Common Future, Lauren served as the Member Services Coordinator at Impact Hub Oakland. Lauren earned her B.A. in Peace and Justice studies from Tufts University in Boston, focusing on social change movements and data-informed interventions.  When she’s not “doing,” Lauren is appreciating music, movies or the outdoors.