Anthony Chang (Co-Chair)

Partner at Manzanita Capital Collective

About Anthony

Anthony has been around entrepreneurship and has helped people his whole life. The son of an immigrant small business owner who led PTA fundraisers, he discovered social enterprise while in college at UC Berkeley when he worked for a non-profit that trained low-income youth in technology by having them run a web design and database management business. Anthony then spent 10+ years Anthony Chang is the son of Chinese immigrant small business owners and has spent 20+ years working in economic opportunity and environmental sustainability in communities of color. Prior to Manzanita Capital Collective, Anthony helped start and build Kitchen Table Advisors (KTA), a nonprofit that fuels economic viability and thriving livelihoods for a multi-racial next generation of sustainable small farms and ranches. During his last couple years at KTA, he participated in POC-led collaboratives stewarding and governing their own capital (such as The People’s Land Fund, Equitable Food Oriented Development Collaborative, and the LIFE / Open Letter group); worked with foundations on aligning grants and investments with their values; and facilitated integrated capital and technical assistance for farmer owned food hubs for food and land justice projects. Prior to Kitchen Table Advisors, he spent 15+ years channeling capital to small business owners while in leadership roles at community development financial institutions (CDFIs) like Accion Opportunity Fund and California FarmLink. Anthony also is a Castanea Fellow; previously served on the board of RSF Social Finance; and currently serves on the board of Common Future and steering committee of the Fondo de Solidaridad de Mountain View