Anthony Chang (Co-Chair)

Director, Kitchen Table Advisors

About Anthony

Anthony has been around entrepreneurship and has helped people his whole life. The son of an immigrant small business owner who led PTA fundraisers, he discovered social enterprise while in college at UC Berkeley when he worked for a non-profit that trained low-income youth in technology by having them run a web design and database management business. Anthony then spent 10+ years helping underserved small businesses at Opportunity Fund, the largest non-profit microlender in California, and California FarmLink, a nationally recognized farm microlender. Anthony was originally inspired by the not uncommon path of shopping at farmers’ markets, reading Omnivore’s Dilemma and watching Food Inc., starting a community garden with his kids, and volunteering on the board of a farmers’ market. The turning point to dedicating his work life to supporting sustainable small farms came when one of Anthony’s favorite farmers’ market vendors shut down their ranch despite a loyal customer base and seemingly popular business. A deep appreciation for the inspiring commitment of farmers and a curiosity about the economics of farming led to a passion for investing in the economic viability of sustainable small farms.