Amy Kincaid

Chief Program Officer

About Amy

As Chief Program Officer, Amy Kincaid works with Common Future’s internal team, Network leaders, and partners to develop programming that can shift philanthropic capital and economic activity toward equity and justice. 

She comes to Common Future from university teaching and her strategy consulting practice, ChangeMatters, which for two decades designed programs, raised money, and measured impact for social enterprises. Specializing in organizational transition, turnaround, and renewal, her business was designated the country’s first Benefit LLC.

Over the course of her career, she has secured over $72 million for rural agricultural enterprise, community-based arts, civil society, and international development, and has served as chief grantwriter, development director, executive director, publisher, program officer, and on multiple boards.

Colleagues describe her as wildly creative, insightful, and connected; a valued thinking partner, an empowerment freak, our favorite professor, a gifted executive coach, and someone who has a knack for entering a charged situation and establishing a new sense of trust. 

She balances creativity with strategy, business sense with meaning, and intention with execution. Her focus on meaning, alignment, insight helps us to challenge assumptions, make connections, and cook up exceptional solutions that work.