Tom Bible

Trustee , Bondi Foundation
New York, NY

  • Impact Investing

About Tom

Tom Bible co-manages the Bondi Foundation, a US-based family foundation that has been supporting a range of health programs, mainly in Sub Saharan Africa, through organizations such as Save the Children and Doctors without Borders. Over the years, realizing the complexity of the Aid industry (i.e. how best to empower local communities to find solutions from within) in the Global South as well as the increasing pressure of global issues such as rapidly depleting resources, climate change and outdated economic models, he became more interested in how to support more emergent-based and less ‘top-down’ initiatives. Having recently completed the ‘Economics for Transition’ Masters at Schumacher College, he is now actively looking for ways in which the foundation might best support the regeneration of local communities by empowering them to find solutions from within.