Nicholas Mang

Principal , Regenesis Group
Santa Fe, MN

About Nicholas

Nicholas Mang’s work focuses on developing systemic frameworks for engaging citizens with place, facilitating charrettes with design team and key community stakeholders, and developing and implementing stakeholder engagement strategies that develop a healthy and viable relationship between human and natural communities over time. Through Regenesis, Nicholas has worked on a range of projects across the the United States and Latin America. Nicholas is also the founding co-director of the Story of Place Institute, a nonprofit established in 2009 to bring regenerative development work to community and neighborhood-level planning processes. Through SoPI, much of Nicholas’s work has focused on Santa Fe and the Northern New Mexico area. Nicholas holds a PhD from Saybrook University, where his doctoral work focused on a regenerative, living systems approach to urban planning using the case study of Curitiba, Brazil as a lens.