Maya Smith

Program Officer , Baltimore Community Foundation
Baltimore, MD

  • Community Foundation
  • Urban Development
  • Wealth Equality

About Maya

Maindi (Maya) is currently a Program Officer at the Baltimore Community Foundation, where she oversee the Neighborhoods portfolio. She has been employed at the foundation for 15 years. During her time at the foundation, Maya has worked in almost all of the departments, trained a number of employees, and held various titles. One of the projects that she is currently working on is with the Knight Foundation. The Baltimore Community Foundation was one of the four foundations selected to be a part of the 2017 Knight Community Information Lab Co-hort in an effort to take more of a leadership role in addressing the community information needs. Maya’s background is in Human Services, Office Administration, and developing systems, and she holds certifications in Geriatric Nursing, Phlebotomy, Human Services, Medical Billing and Office Administration. She currently pursuing a degree in Chemical Dependency Counseling.