Mai Nguyen

Farmer and Co-Director , Minnow
San Diego, CA

  • Ecological Justice
  • Food and Agriculture
  • Indigenous Economic Development
  • Racial Equity
  • Rural Development
  • Small Business Development

About Mai

Mai Nguyen is an independent farm owner/operator who uses their farm to exercise Vietnamese cultural practices, create alternatives to industrial food production, build vibrant rural economies, and steward shared resources. They are also the Co-Director at Minnow, focusing on farmland preservation and land justice, and California Director at the National Young Farmers Coalition. Previously, Nguyen worked in climate research, disaster relief, waste management, refugee resettlement, and co-op development, specializing in immigrant- and refugee-owned agricultural and worker cooperatives. Beyond these official roles and titles, Nguyen is ultimately dedicated to supporting self-determination, ecological health, economic democracy, and belonging.