Laura Zabel

Executive Director , Springboard for the Arts
St. Paul, MN

  • Arts and Economic Development
  • Health Access
  • Racial Equity
  • Rural Development
  • Small Business Development
  • Urban Development

About Laura

Laura Zabel is the Executive Director of Springboard for the Arts, an economic and community development agency run by and for artists. Springboard provides programs that help artists make a living and a life, and programs that help communities connect to the creative power of artists. Based in rural and urban Minnesota, Springboard’s projects include: A Community Supported Art (CSA), which is based on the Community Supported Agriculture model and connects artists directly with patrons; the Artists Access to Healthcare program; artist entrepreneurial development; and Irrigate artist-led creative placemaking, a national model for how cities can engage artists to help reframe and address big community challenges. Springboard also operates Creative Exchange, a national platform for sharing free toolkits, resources, and profiles to help artists and citizens collaborate on replicating successful and engaging community projects.