Ismail Samad

Director of Manufacturing Operations , Commonwealth Kitchen
Boston, MA

About Ismail

Ismail Samad is the Co-founder of The Gleanery a restaurant in Putney, Vermont that specializes in the transformation of post-farmer’s market produce and the unwanted seconds that are habitually discarded within the many levels of the value chain. He is also the Director of Manufacturing Business Operations for Commonwealth Kitchen, partnering with historically marginalized entrepreneurs, anchor institutions and regional farmers, to help create an equitable regional food system. He played a pivotal role in the launch of Daily Table a pair of nonprofit food markets in Boston, Massachusetts, designed to simultaneously address the issues of food insecurity, nutritional health, and wasted food. He is on the Board of Directors of Boston Area Gleaners, an organization that deploys volunteers to harvest and distribute produce to families facing food insecurity and is a contributor to the EPAs Web Academy on Sustainable Waste Management.