Harper Bishop

Deputy Director of Movement Building , PUSH Buffalo
Buffalo, NY

  • Access to Work Opportunity
  • Black Land Rights
  • Ecological Justice
  • Gender Equality
  • Racial Equity
  • Small Business Development

About Harper

Harper Bishop has more than a decade’s work of experience in community-based organizations. During that time, Mr. Bishop has trained and developed grassroots leadership; written and advocated for progressive policies; and organized for economic, social, and racial justice in his hometown of Buffalo, most recently as the Director of Economic Development at Open Buffalo. Mr. Bishop the opportunity to stand in solidarity with the Fruit Belt neighborhood, a historically African-American neighborhood on the near East Side of Buffalo, as residents organized to launch the F.B. Community Land Trust in response to the rapid gentrification and displacement affecting long-time city residents, specifically people of color, low-income and working class people. Lastly, Mr. Bishop is committed to continuing to push for an intersectional analysis that affirms collective liberation and centers the lived experience of those most impacted by state-sanctioned violence and white supremacy.