Annette Aquin

Executive Vice-President, Finance & Operations , Hamilton Community Foundation
Hamilton, ON

  • Community Foundation
  • Shifting Foundation Capital

About Annette

Annette oversees the finance, investment and administrative activities of Hamilton Community Foundation and is responsible for all statutory and regulatory compliance. Under Annette’s leadership, Hamilton Community Foundation has become known as a leader both in effective governance practices and in pioneering new business models to support community building and an expanded donor base. She has been instrumental in helping HCF to align more of the Foundation’s assets with its Mission, Vision and Values with the development of a $42 million impact investment portfolio, including a $30 million public market ESG fund, $7 million in direct impact investments, and a $5 million Community Loan Fund for charities, not for profits, and social enterprise. Annette is a chartered professional accountant who has worked in the private, public and non-profit sectors, as well as in public accounting.