Angela Lust

President , Longview Strategies LLC
Amarillo, TX

  • Business Management
  • Community Foundation
  • Nonprofit Management
  • Rural Development
  • Small Business Development
  • Technical Assistance

About Angela

Angela, founder and president of Longview Strategies, brings over 25 years of experience in public, nonprofit, and philanthropic organizations, including more than a decade as senior executive of a community foundation. Angela is a generalist with experience including: transition management, operational capacity (information technology, human resources, administration); grant and gift strategies; and program development/management, including cross-sector collaboration. Known for her professionalism and ability to connect big picture ideas to discrete tasks and resources that help others achieve maximum effectiveness, Lust has designed and guided complex, multi-sector projects, trained and mentored numerous individuals, and is adept at facilitating conversation among diverse stakeholder groups. Angela is a change agent most inspired by emerging approaches at the intersection of economic/community development and philanthropy.