The Associate, Portfolio will be an instrumental part of our Impact team supporting our community wealth building initiatives and coordinating the day to day runnings with the rest of the Portfolio team. The Associate, Portfolio role will work closely with both the Portfolio Initiatives team (70%) as well as the Portfolio Advancement team (30%). The Portfolio Initiatives team addresses community-defined needs that often involve multiple stakeholders by testing solutions that are community-centered and align an ecosystem of stakeholders towards an equitable future. This role will support the Manager and Director of Portfolio Initiatives to conduct research, collaborate and manage a portfolio of pilots and experiments that are building community wealth. Additionally, they will support the building & deployment of systems to assess capacities, needs, fit, and other considerations for Community Wealth Building (CWB) organizations and other stakeholders. The Portfolio Associate will also support the Portfolio team with strategic grantmaking for both Initiatives and Advancement projects that have the potential to change the field’s best practices. This is a supportive role for the Portfolio Advancement team as main coordinator for day to day logistics.

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