Key Initiative

Social Entrepreneurs in Residence

  • For Community Leaders
  • Virtual Residency

In 2019, we launched the Social Entrepreneurs in Residence (SEIR) program. SEIRs are accomplished practitioners who are supported as senior-level colleagues at Common Future.

To accelerate equitable economies, funders, anchor institutions, and community leaders must be in active collaboration. The SEIRs consult and connect with these experts across our Network. We support their work by providing a virtual residency, a platform to disseminate ideas, and connection to high-impact consulting opportunities.

This program was designed as an “incubator without walls” to invest in independent, self-directed content experts whose unique work complements our portfolio of initiatives that shift capital and close the wealth gap. The work of our three 2019 SEIRs includes: leveraging the economic determinants of health to engage healthcare institutions, catalyzing investment opportunities in marginalized communities, and creating social impact investment strategies that prioritize racial equity.