Key Initiative

Our Work In Action: Incubate

  • For Community Leaders

We incubate. We support solutions from community partners, policy leaders, entrepreneurs, and philanthropy by providing them with the guidance, capacity, resources, peer connections, and mentors to advance their ideas to the next level.

The Common Future Policy Incubator

The Common Future Policy Incubator (2022—) identifies four action-oriented, community-minded, and equity-centered leaders with a vision for change. These entrepreneurs design individual 12-month action plans for their economic policy ideas at local, state, or federal levels. We fund, connect, and incubate the work of these seasoned leaders with bold ideas to significantly transform economic policy.

The Action Lab on Participatory Investing

The Action Lab on Participatory Investing (2022), launched in partnership with the WES Mariam Assefa Fund, is a 12-month learning and action initiative giving funders the opportunity to learn about, experiment with, and co-create new models and strategies for participatory investing, within their own institutions and through a collaborative fund.

The Common Future Accelerator

The Common Future Accelerator (2022) invests in a cohort of 10 organizations that are actively working to dismantle economic inequality by giving power back to communities left out of prosperity. Participants receive $50,000 in funding, introductions to subject-matter experts, and access to curated curriculum and one-on-one coaching.