Key Initiative

Leadership and Field Building

  • For Community Leaders

For nearly two decades, we’ve been (re)structuring a more equitable economy alongside a network of local leaders who are building alternative approaches to business, philanthropy, and investing. Today, we connect wealth-holders and wealth-builders to create lasting wealth in marginalized communities.

For wealth-builders: Since 2011, Common Future has selected and supported remarkable leaders who are removing barriers and creating pathways to building community wealth. Our network of Fellows and alumni includes entrepreneurial incubator programs, democratic governance funds, sustainable agriculture initiatives, and cooperative ownership models, all working in service towards a more equitable economy. Learn about our 2020 Bridge Fellows working across the Southeast U.S.

For wealth-holders: Foundations and impact investors have joined Common Future’s cohort-based programs for executive-level leaders since 2014. Participants are committed to shifting their institution’s investment capital into the communities they serve, and into alignment with their mission, by interrogating their institution’s culture, strategy, capacity, and opportunity flow. As a result, $250M has been shifted out of traditional Wall Street investments and into communities, through a racial equity lens. Learn more about this work as featured in The New York Times.

By bringing together Fellows, funders, and other key players in the economy, Common Future has built a unique network that is poised to learn together; forge new collaborations; provide real financial opportunities through grantmaking and capital products; and elevate this work to mainstream actors in philanthropy, investing, and policy to influence economic systems.