Key Initiative

Common Future Fellows

  • Cohort-based
  • For Community Leaders

The Fellows network unites leaders behind a vision to shift power to communities. Since 2011, we’ve selected five cohorts of outstanding community leaders from across the U.S. and Canada to examine strategies for systems change that address wealth inequality and ecological extraction.

We are recruiting March 1st through April 5th for Common Future Bridge Fellows, our new one-time initiative to select 6 to 8 local economy leaders in and around southern mid-sized cities in the United States and their surrounding regions (including Jackson, MS, Baton Rouge, LA, Atlanta, GA, Memphis, TN, Little Rock, AR, and Louisville, KY). Common Future will provide grants of $40-60K to support their work in service of equitable, inclusive community development. Learn more about the program with this one pager and on Medium. Apply or nominate someone for Bridge Fellows via this form.

Our Fellows are natural connectors who advocate for others and “the whole” of their places. These leaders are known to remove barriers and bottlenecks that impede effective community investment. Instead, they knit together resources and key people in order to build a more inclusive local economy. The work of 99 (and growing) Fellows and alumni includes entrepreneurial incubator programs, democratic governance funds, sustainable agriculture initiatives, and cooperative ownership models, among much more.