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To transform our economy, we must shift capital and power in fundamentally different ways. For too long, those in positions of power have dominated the discussion and deployment of capital in historically marginalized communities. By and large, these investment policies and prescriptions have failed to deliver on their promise; Common Future’s Capital Strategies team offers alternative, more equitable paths forward, where community perspectives are not only solicited, but integrated into our capital deployment processes and products.

Through innovative pilots, Common Future invests and coordinates capital in deep partnership with those who have lived experiences closest to the issues. We identify and partner with organizations on a variety of capital strategies – from co-creating capital products with directly impacted communities, to direct investments in Funds that shift power to those with less, to pioneering research and commentary on how to reimagine socially just investing – to offer examples that we and our partners believe in, and that we think could one day be a blueprint for how we create an equitable economy. 

Throughout our entire process – from ideation to activation – building wealth for Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) communities and partnering with them to step into their power, serve as the north star of our work. 

Capital Strategies’ work is deliberately broad and purposefully expansive; it is intended to meet the vastness of our challenges and herculean lift that lies ahead. Despite this wide aperture, all capital strategies’ work rests on the following core fundamental characteristics:

  • How does the issue we are trying to address disproportionately harm communities of color? If it is race-neutral, we are probably not best suited to engage it.
  • Is there a potential for investment, not a grant? Even if all other financial institutions have deemed it “too risky”, we seek to disprove the notion of traditional investability.
  • Can our pilot serve as a demonstration project for broader scale? We set out to influence all actors and stakeholders in the impact investing ecosystem.

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