Key Initiative

Capital Strategies

  • Community Advised Fund
  • For Funders
  • Impact Investing

Our capital strategies are building a system where access to capital is inclusive and equitable. We work with funders across the capital spectrum, from philanthropy to impact investors to create linkages between capital and our network leaders.

Community Advised Fund

The Community Advised Fund is our spin on traditional donor-advised (DAF), field-of-interest, and venture philanthropy funds. Whereas DAFs rely on professional philanthropic advisors, the Community Advised Fund (CAF) would leverage the expertise of frontline leaders from communities across the US and Canada to source and vet capital deployment opportunities in local, economically marginalized communities.

This model provides an opportunity for philanthropic donors to catalyze equitable, inclusive economic development with community leaders at the helm of all decision-making. The CAF exists to catalyze the work of leaders in the Common Future network, increase genuine community engagement for philanthropic funders (often challenging at the national level), and connect a community of like-minded donors.

Capital Syndication

Our capital syndication strategy brings community leaders and impact investors together around actual investment opportunities. Our role is to source new opportunities, balance risk-return considerations with impact potential, develop governance structures that balance the voices of all stakeholders, close investments, and mediate questions during the life of the investment. There are two primary outcomes from this work: a portfolio of deals curated and organized by Common Future, and a robust guide of best practices developed in collaboration with investors.