Key Initiative

Capital Intermediation

  • Community Advised Fund
  • For Funders
  • Impact Investing

We believe that capital must be rooted in and drive towards the material transformation of power and resources in our economy for those who have been intentionally and systemically excluded.

Our work as an intermediary has three principal aims: 

Redistribute capital to community leaders.

Pilot new types of flexible financing that better serve their needs.

Create a new asset class tailored to these communities that can scale and attract capital on its own.

Character-based Lending Fund

The Character-based Lending Fund (CBL) is a loan fund powered by Common Future and collectively driven with its four main partners. CBL empowers BIPOC-led organizations from our network who work closely with BIPOC entrepreneurs, to invest in their most trusted entrepreneurs using flexible and patient capital. 

The CBL Fund will offer $800,000 in flexible, affordable loans available through a pilot to BIPOC entrepreneurs in Minnesota, New Mexico and Ohio. Loans will average $30,000 and range from 0-3%, with repayment terms of 3-6 years. No credit checks or collateral will be requested of prospective borrowers, all referred by three BIPOC-led organizations in Common Future’s network. Contact us to learn more.