As a national intermediary, we hold relationships across our network that help us identify emerging needs and trends, and direct capital where it can be best put to work. Our initiatives serve three main purposes: 

Growing a network of leaders who are building community wealth. 

Investing in this network by deploying capital towards ideas that challenge our thinking, social norms, and systems.

Shifting the capital ecosystem by encouraging wealth-holders to deploy capital in ways that shift power and build equity.

Our initiatives are designed to shift capital into communities, uplift local leaders, and accelerate the development of equitable economies.

Current Initiatives

Leadership and Field Building

  • For Community Leaders

For nearly two decades, we’ve been (re)structuring a more equitable economy alongside a network of local leaders who are building alternative approaches to business, philanthropy, and investing. Today, we connect wealth-holders and wealth-builders to create lasting wealth in marginalized communities.

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Project Incubation

  • For Community Leaders
  • Virtual Residency

We see our work as a think-and-do-tank, and demonstrate what’s possible by taking on high potential new projects, supporting them through access to our network and its resources.  

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Capital Intermediation

  • Community Advised Fund
  • For Funders
  • Impact Investing

We believe that capital must be rooted in and drive towards the material transformation of power and resources in our economy for those who have been intentionally and systemically excluded.

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Strategy Consulting

  • Consultancy
  • For Funders

We provide strategic consulting to philanthropic funders, impact investors, and institutions seeking to develop community-based programs and diverse networks that support systemic change. We help institutions develop equitable funding and programmatic strategy, increase deal flow, and build internal capacity to realize their long-term vision. 

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