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How We Work

For far too long, leaders in this country have failed to make significant progress toward economic justice. Alongside our communities, we work with philanthropy, impact investing, government, and corporations as allies to further racial and economic justice. We prove that a more equitable economy is possible and attainable.

The people closest to the problems are already leading models to restore community wealth, but these solutions require additional attention, support, and financial investment. Common Future’s work is to focus on incubating, co-creating and funding the people with enough imagination and courage to rethink how our economy works—all the while building the power and influence to bring to life this transformation.

Our Methods

To effectively advance racial and economic equity, at Common Future we approach our work with 4 key methodologies: incubating, co-creating, funding field-defining initiatives, and influencing key sectors.

Each Program is Meticulously Crafted to Advance Economic Equity for BIPOC Communities


Step 1: Identify Trends in the Field

We continuously stay informed on emerging field trends and consider the impact on BIPOC communities, understanding where community wealth building organizations  are spending their time and energy.


Step 2: Evaluate Opportunities

Analyzing the emerging trends in the sector, our teams of programmatic, financial and investing experts determine where our resources can build additive momentum to needed solutions and initiatives.


Step 3: Build Partnerships

After determining which organizations are ready and interested to work on co-created initives, we engage stakeholders to secure buy-in, define and refine the initiative/product/model, and establish roles, responsibilities, agreements, timeframe, and resource needs. 


Step 4: Launch

Finalizing timeline, financial needs, agreements/contracts, and related preparations for the official launch. Determine the launch process, including marketing assets, social media, and partner toolkit. Illuminate success for Common Future, partners, and the field. Define compelling story and positioning, showcasing innovation's impact. Structure staffing transition and finalize implementation plan with oversight. Launch, celebrate, and begin implementation.

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Help build a Common Future.

Creating an equitable economy requires collective action from people across racial and class differences. Take part in a growing movement by making a donation, joining our team, or partnering with Common Future through our ongoing programs and initiatives.